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Jordy Casteleijn

What to do when you’ve studied Sport, Business & Entrepreneurship, worked several years for

a major corporate food retailer, made a radical switch to working as a model in Barcelona

and London but now wants to follow your heart and work in sustainability?

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Staying warm this winter thanks to plastic drinking bottles; Perfect puffer filled with recycled PET bottles ♻️
Amsterdam. In 1806 Lodewijk Napoleon stated that Amsterdam was the capital of Holland. And as he was the King of Holland he tried to learn some Dutch,
Happy to call you my girlfriend everyday
#gf #bosslady
It’s 2020 and about every brand says something about being sustainable today, but what makes sustainable fashion truly sustainable?
Well, it’s rat
My absolute fave spot of 2019
#throwbackthursday #italy #southtyrol
Heartbreaking and mind troubling. 
All these images of families who lost it all, children desperately fleeing for safety, precious national forests bu
Prettiest place in the ugliest weather 💦
#Amsterdam #Mokum
23 Christmas dinners and a dozen hangovers later, see you next year Santa!
#hohoho #xmas
No white christmas in Amsterdam, but plenty to eat tho👅
Merry Christmas everybody!
#merryxmas #feliznavidad #zaligkerstfeestje