Don’t be lazy

Planes, busses, cars, taxis, motors, scooters. How did we ever forget about how nice a fair bit of cycling can be? When did putting in some effort go out of fashion? How did we ever get so depended- addicted even – on all motorised and polluting vehicles?
I’m gonna just put this one out there: we got lazy.

Let me start to admit to the fact that I ain’t a saint either, in some way I might even be a sinner. For work and for pleasure I do fly pretty often. With every part of the world nowadays so well connected by air-travelling and at a very affordable rate, it is very tempting to discover every piece of this beautiful planet.

But then you have your everyday transportation, the daily boring commutes, all of us just love there to be some comfort in our lives and sitting in an airconditioned-, well built-, proper speaker pumped car can be very comfortable. The thing about being comfortable is, over-do it just a bit and you’ll get too comfortable which will either put you to sleep or get you stuck in your comfort zone.

When I used to work my office job a couple of years ago, my office was just outside of Amsterdam at about a 40-50 minute commute. Everyday I would get in the tram, change into the train and walk the last part to the office. Every day I would sit next to too many people with a very low energy vibe sticking on them slowly rubbing off on me. Now that was something I didn’t need in my mid-twenties. The next day I decided to give it a shot going to work by bicycle, and what a beautiful eye-opener that was. How good of a change was this: No more public transport fees, no more slipping energy vibes, it took me the same amount of time and it felt like I had a free workout!

For me that moment gave me insight and a change of mentality towards transportation. It doesn’t have to be boring, full of people and expensive, there are more options.
All the above is what me and my photographer friend Christian Goran wanted to discuss while cycling from London to Amsterdam on folding bikes. All of this looked a bit like what you’ll see down here.