Shoeless festival

For the 27th and final edition of Shoeless festival I got invited to give a reading on sustainability

Shoeless festival, the name might already give you a bit of a hint, it’s a very open-minded, spiritual music & arts festival. Full of great workshops, amazing art, eclectic performances and all kind of interesting readings on this beautiful location on the edge of Amsterdam called Ruigoord.

Since my friend had been in the organisation of the festival for a good couple of years and liked the path of sustainability that I went into, he eventually asked me to do something, tell my story and my take on climate change and sustainability. ‘Me?’ I asked him. I mean, sure I like my own voice and all and am pretty confident speaking to groups of people but hey, I never spoke about my take on sustainability to a large group before. So as you do in a situation like this, I doubted taking the offer on the table in front of me for a minute or two, then took it.

My goal was to raise awareness on the fact of climate change getting seriously troubling and urgency around it, but at the same time show some examples of beautiful initiatives and organisations working on countering climate change. So I started off talking about the (plastic) pollution building up everywhere we see from there touched the topic of fast-fashion and ended up at the meat industry. To counter all those doom scenarios taking place, I talked about people like our own Dutch Boyan Slat of the Ocean cleanup, about Ikea and their green energy production and the trend of going vegetarian or vegan and the very well tasting meat substitutes.

With a crowd looking at me with entertaint expressions on their faces I hope I left some people re-thinking their own attitude towards climate change in the days after the festival.